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Staff Email Access

(effective June 24, 2015)

Please read all instructions carefully.

 The link near the bottom of this page allows you to access your individual Rogers & Callcott email account through Globalvision Mail. By following the link, you can log into your email account and then send or receive email from any location with web browsing.

  1. When logging into Globalvision Mail, your User Name is your complete email address. Your email password is your network password using only the letters and the numbers, but no special characters. Example: if your network password is "aBc%123#d", then your email password is "aBc123d".
  2. If you delete emails through the Globalvision Mail access, they will no longer be available to download to read using your Outlook account. Also, if you have already read emails using your Outlook account, they may not be available through the Globalvision Mail access, depending on your specific Outlook settings.

An important note: just as with regular mail, unless you hear back from your correspondent you cannot assume your email was ever received or read. The majority of email delivery failures are caused by the sender using an incorrect email address. If the email address has even one character wrong, it cannot be delivered.

globalvision mail

Spam Filter

Spam is any unsolicited commercial or bulk email. Our email's primary spam filter is an automated system that "learns" what you consider to be spam. You report an email as spam using the link that is added at the end of the email (note that some incoming emails may not have this added message). You must open the email but be careful not to open attachments or click on any links other than the one in this message:

"This message has been scanned for viruses and dangerous content by
E.F.A. Project, and is believed to be clean.
Click here to report this message as spam. "

When the "report this message as spam" link is clicked, the following message will appear:

"We are committed to delivering the best protection possible against undesirable email content including spam and viruses. The simple action of reporting this message as spam helps us achieve this by treating similar messages with greater suspicion in future.

Please continue to report any messages which you believe to be spam in this way.

Although you will not receive any further update about this spam message, the anti-spam system has already been automatically updated to treat similar messages with more suspicion in future. This will reduce the likelihood of you or others receiving them again.

Reporting this message will not automatically block all messages from this sender - if you want to do this you should add the sender to your blacklist.
If the message you just reported is from a mailing list you subscribed to, please unsubscribe from the mailing list rather than report the messages as spam (reporting mailing list messages as spam will have a negative effect on people who want to receive these messages).

Note: If you try to report the same email as spam a second time, you will see a different message about accessing your spam quarantine and then be presented with a login for "EFA Mailwatch Login". Users do not have access to EFA Mailwatch Login as this can affect everyone's ability to receive emails.

Emails trapped by the spam filter will NOT be passed to Outlook on your computer or to your cellphone. When the spam filter does block a questionable "spam" email, you will be sent a message giving you the opportunity to allow that email and future emails like it.

Be aware that Outlook running on your computer has its own separate spam/junk email filtering with separate folders.  Each version of Outlook is different, so read the help files to determine how Outlook's filtering can best help you.

Virus and Attachment Blocking

Emails that contain viruses, attempt to block or circumvent spam detection, or have attachments that appear to contain "bad content" may be completely blocked without any notification message to the sender or to the recepient.

Attachments identified as "bad content" may simply have odd file names. File names with special characters, extra spaces, more than one period, abnormally long, or have odd file extensions may be identified as "bad content". In those cases, the sender can rename the attachment with a very simple, short file name and try resending. This filtering system works on both incoming and outgoing email.

Remember that no filtering system is perfect. Some unwanted emails may get through just as some emails that are wanted may get blocked.

Auto Response (Vacation) and Forwarding

To set up Auto Response or Forwarding, you must log in to the Globalvision Web Mail Administration server using your full email address as your login name and your email password. There you can set the dates for your Auto Response and your outgoing message. You may also set up email forwarding.

Click Here to Access GlobalVision Web Mail Administration

Be aware that if you do set up an "out of office" auto response message to reply to emails while you are away, you are also responding to all the spam emails you get. This may result in your receiving even more spam email in the future since you are confirming to the spammers that yours is a valid email address.

Public Internet Access Warning!

Public internet access is not safe! If you access the Globalvision Mail page from a public computer or from a computer that has been hacked or through a public network, either wired or wireless  (such as a hotspot, coffee shop, restaurant, school, motel or a hotel), unauthorized individuals may be able to intercept your user name, password, and your emails. In fact they could take complete control of your account without your knowledge. Be aware that all information you transmit and receive while connected to the internet outside of our offices, either wired or wireless, may be intercepted by unauthorized individuals! This is a very real problem and the FBI has issued warnings about using public internet access, especially in foreign countries.

Email and Privacy

Email is convenient and it is fast, but it is not private. As the message passes from the sender's computer to the recipient's computer it may proceed over many networks and through many servers. It can be intercepted and read by any number of individuals along the way. You must think of email just like a postcard which can be read by everyone who handles it.

Computer Security

Email remains a common tool that hackers use to compromise computers and networks in order to steal corporate and personal information.

Additional Resources

Additional information can be found on the FBI E-Scam website. This site contains information for consumers and businesses. There you may also file a complaint against deceptive email senders. The federal government uses the spam stored in this database to pursue law enforcement actions against people who send deceptive email.

You may report unwanted or deceptive email messages to the Federal Trade Commission by forwarding the entire email message to .

Click here to access your email account through Globalvision Mail

Outlook settings for new email server, click here.